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Explore the Path Leading to an Empowered, Purposeful Life 

Facilitating spiritual, emotional and physical health strategies for optimal integration of personal and life goals.

Leading intimate Group events & discussions to connect women to one another in a secure and supportive environment. 


Supporting Your Individual Soul Path

Sacred-Sisters strives to unite women of all cultures to one another, creating kinship & awareness. Our purpose is to empower women to build connection & community and share our wisdom, accomplishments and challenges as a means to infuse our life journey with passion, resilience & joy. 


Stacey Dee; Founder of Sacred-Sisters offers private consultations for those who are seeking guidance with physical, emotional, spiritual health & well-being. Stacey supports clients that have the desire to create a transformative life experience via a wholistic (mind/body/spirit) journey.  

Stacey also facilitates yoga classes, group discussions, meditations and spiritual activities. With intention, she creates an intimate, secure container for women to share, support, and experience community and connection together.

In addition, Stacey works with buyers & sellers to create a spiritually supported real estate process.


What I Specialize In

Physical / Structural Wellness Support

Intuitive Guidance 

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

Breathing & Physical Mobility Techniques

Personalized Life Protocol & Encouragement

Wellness Coach

Guiding you towards your own inner light of joy & abundance.

I suffer from an autoimmune disease. I came to Stacey to help find clarity for a path forward. She connected with my higher self, angels & guides to discover the most supported ways for me to manage my health. Through a combination of nutritional changes, an addition of a couple of supplements, body movement and a Kriya & Mantra daily spiritual recipe; I am now feeling fantastic both mentally & physically. We continue to meet regularly to gleen new information as it arises - I feel held in love by Sacred Sisters & Stacey Dee.

- Kathy

- Deb

10 years ago a good friend invited me to try a corporate yoga class, taught by Stacey Dee.  Never particularly noted for athleticism, flexibility, or muscular strength, I doubted that it would be a fitness regimen that I would excel at.  But inexplicably & in spite of my reservations, I said yes to that invitation.  That decision transformed my life. The discipline of returning again & again to the breath, of paying close & deep attention to the body's sensations during poses became an anchor for my life; always with Stacey's calming presence guiding the way. Over the years, her intuitive insight & knowledge of physical anatomy also helped me resolve a mysterious pain issue that conventional medical doctors were unable to diagnose or relieve.  And, most importantly, our relationship has evolved into a friendship.  I feel truly blessed that she is part of my life. 

- Margot

Stacey is a gifted healer and teacher! I’ve worked with Stacey for more than 10 years to manifest my best physical, mental and emotional health through yoga, breath work, intuitive guidance and spiritual practices. I’ve participated in single and multi-day group workshops, in-person and virtual yoga classes, and women’s groups and have consulted Stacey individually for yoga and breath work practices specific to my needs, intuitive information regarding my physical health, tarot readings, life coaching and spiritual guidance. In these interactions, I’ve had so many amazing insights and I live a much more centered, introspective, productive and healthy life as a result of my work with Stacey. The breadth of her knowledge and experience, her knowledge of anatomy and ability to communicate subtle physical adjustments even in a virtual format, the clarity and specificity of the intuitive information she provides, the ways she brings people together for common goals, and the safe space she creates to explore new ideas and approaches have all played critical roles in facilitating transformational change for me.

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