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Meet Stacey Dee

Intuitive Guide Empowering Women 

I have led a blessed life guided by the Divine having been raised by spiritually connected parents and a supportive extended "family". I have two wonderful daughters and am now a proud Granny as well. Growing up in a Disciples of Christ Christian Church set the foundation for exploring my spiritual path. As an adult, that path led me to a deep dive into the vast realm of spirit. My inquiry began by learning about Native American traditions. I then embraced the study of Western & Eastern herbal healing, supplement support, nutrition and trained as a CranioSacral Therapist.   My on-going journey led me to the practice of Yoga, starting first by learning asana and then thirsting for the wealth of knowledge within the spiritual realm of the "System" of yoga. I became an Anusara teacher and later a ParaYoga teacher. Now I am  a dedicated spiritual student of The Tantric Path of Sri Vidya (where desire seeks nothing less than it’s own Limitless Kingdom) and the lineage of the Himalayan Masters. The belief that we are the embodiment of the Divine and that through the grace of love we find our own unbound freedom touches my heart and soul.


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